Gene Fehler

Teachers? They got it made. Three months
vacation every summer. Trips to Europe, the beach.
T-bone steaks charcoaled on the patios of their fancy
tri-level houses. Golf at their country club. No one
else has it so good. Just look at all the farmers never
knowing whether it’ll be a drought or flood that takes
their crops. Look at them businessmen with ulcers
and a bad marriage from havin’ to take a briefcase
full of work home every day and havin’ to keep up
with the Joneses. And me? Stuck in a stinkin’ factory
at a noisy machine, gettin’ grease under fingernails
that never come clean. For what? For pennies, for
nothin’ compared to what those pampered, overpaid
teachers bring in. And what good are they anyway?
No teacher never taught me nothin’.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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  1. The last of Gene’s submissions. This says a lot. Ain’t that just the way it is…

    Read Gene’s other excellent work by clicking the link and following “Older Posts”:

  2. public school and teachers help deaden the souls of youth
    the whole experience just prepares you for adulthood
    zombies in a cruel heartless world
    (guilty people donate a toy for poor kids at christmas)

  3. A serio comic plain speaking philosophical poem from Gene on keeping up with the Jones’ dead bones yet we await his teaching what being alive means to him.

  4. very enjoyable, and typical of the type of thing you do hear now and then or way too often!

  5. I actually wrote down something along those lines that I heard in a lineup for the Nanaimo ferry last year, but I never thought of making it into a poem.

  6. “No teacher never taught me nothin’.” Well at least that much is clear.

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