B.Z. Niditch


Matta Schmatte, Olga Romanov and Dr. Lucy Potz are waging all-out galactic war  on Adam Tepper and Eva, who have astrogated to be guided to the home planet. Our couple have much fun as they navigate from the Bernal Sphere in their inflated new space pants suits designed by Eva Tepper, Inc.

Adam quietly turns on their Zoosphere to hear a Space Iliad concert by the band “Jupiter” as they attempt a dance of the hours amid their cozy habitat and uplifting twelve hour atonal sound Adam set to music; while at Universe University studying with Professor Pinsky who was originally from Minsk’s borscht-belt somewhere off the Garland Rainbow River in Belarus or Ukrainian-Uranian territory far up north. Adam as a student was a starry-eyed in the company of Victor Pinsky. Adam would sit at his clubbed feet and listen to very high frequency heavy-metal-classical music which Pinsky invented on the espen piano, and Adam would learn theory and practice of all the new versed music on guitar with augmented and diminished chords until he became a composer himself.

When he met Eva she was already turned on to Adam’s musical scores for films. She’d seen some, including “Bogart in Morocco”, an all-star spy thriller starring the young handsome Bruce Valentino Spacey. He also played in England’s “Back Bencher”, rated xyz, the star-academy awards sequel to “Stud Farm Poker”, whose director Ace Diamond Hart made film history with his cameo appearance at the awards ceremony after being exiled during the Gulag-American space raced “Anti War of the Worlds”, based on the Russo-Anglo American play of poet B.Z. Niditch.

All of a sudden, with the Zoosphere recoding and recording cia kgb, ten thousand high-range missiles are being aimed at and pounding the space ship. Adam releases an artillery rocket of sedimentary rocks which shields them.

Adam retreats from his missionary position and suffers vertigo while Eva hides from the tornado of the barrage in the cockpit and, having to make a quick change in their travel plans, Adam remembers Sylvester Cain’s promise to rescue him and dials him on the Zoosphere. “Hey, Cain, we’re in trouble. A mega missile just missed us.”

“I’m watching you on the Zoosphere as is everybody else on-line in your light path at Clark’s ring.”

“I know we’re brother espens.”
“I told Matta, Olga,and Lucy to leave you alone just now and they hung up on me, so our only option is for you to change course, head away from earth and return to our stratosphere and they can’t have any space case against you.”

“But if I don’t skirt earth now, I never will. The cia kgb won’t let me go and get the info I need for a new book I’m writing on earth Eastern medicine for herbal cures and meditation.”

“Why didn’t you tell us of the extraordinary powers you made for your journey. All you say on the Zoosphere is you want more honeymoons away from the moon landings.”

“This has to be top secret, Sylvester. You’re as curious as a cat. Can’t you help me! It’s getting scary here for us.”

“I’m sending you the Cain Space anti-missile missile I just invented and patented and will get to you in a mega-minute.”
“Eva, we’re spared.”

“This time, Adam.”

“Let’s roll.”

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

  1. And so the mad adventures of Adam and Eva continue on the Zoosphere in part 10. Read parts 1 to 9 by clicking this link

  2. In your first line, you have an extra space after “galactic war.” And in the paragraph following “I know we’re brother espens,” you are missing a space between “Olga” and “and” (in the first line).

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