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Tyson West

(Author’s Note: This a villanelle which responds to Sylvia Plath’s villanelle “Mad Girl’s Love Song”. I never had a chance to go out with Sylvia as she put her head in the oven just as I was entering puberty, but had we gotten together I am sure we could have made each other miserable. This is my muse flirting with hers.)

We tried to twist together on our date
(You never heard a single word I said)
I missed the cut to make me your blood mate.

Your flimsy shroud with glitter set the bait
I hoped to trace a sweet and tender thread
We tried to twist together on our date.

I nursed your thirst and hungers long and late
Then watched you morph me Satan in your head
I feared our love would scar me your blood mate.

I sweetly oiled your limbs to salve your state
Of angst. You slit my arm licked up the red
We failed to twist together on our date.

Against my gentle touch you screamed hate
I kissed the ball gag on your biting bed
And craved the whip to lash me your mad mate.

Our sex ripped raw and kinky, we came great
Back soon with roses black, I cried—you fled
We failed to twist together on our date
I cherish wounds that throb me your scarred mate.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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