B.Z. Niditch

Adam Tepper rolls into his Zoosphere
with his tape capsules ready to go on.
Eva, always more earthy and adventuresome,
is eating a Mars Bar.
Adam puts on his Zoosphere tapes of the
1950s : “Kitsch and the Popular Tradition”,
followed by McCarthy and Stalin’s recorded
voices dubbed in their respective wild
threats sent out over the prince of the air
waves to millions with dubbed in applause
lines in the waiting rooms, hotel lobbies,
locker rooms, sweat lodges, sports stadiums,
and parliaments all over outer space in the universe.
Next heard: Rock and Roll psychiatrists
analyze the sensational new music groups, “The Cannibals”, “Closet Cases”,
“The Fly By Nights”.

Adam puts on the seventies in his
space capsule, “Years of Sputkniks and
Nudniks”, ” Esoteric Guides to the Unperplexed student of aviation and creation”,
“Napalm as seen through the hands of Vietnamese palm readers” in an
audio by A. Nerd, professor of poly sci
at Cambridge, and excerpts from “Strike
it Rich” and I’ll cry tomorrow.”

Turning the dial to the eighties
Adam goes up to the second heaven
strapped in with Eva listening to lectures
on acid rain, survivalism, pollution and

The couple blast away to the nineties
deconstructionism, Clintonism, on the Zoosphere arriving at a space station intact
as Adam removes the tapes from Eva’s
stomach and spends the night appropriately alone listening to “Moon River”.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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