Ivan Jenson

Real time and place
have their place
in our lives but
I am now talking
about the never-never land
of professional fibbing
which is a storyteller’s
and even though readers
know that it never
happened and never will
what other choice
do we have?
Life is but
a mellow drama
without melodrama
and a tragedy
without comedy
and a beautiful
heroine is
like heroin
to a literary
and life is
pathetic pathos
a sympathetic
and a villainous
or the singular
pleasure of
a pair
of paranormal
lovers between
the covers
who live
in the afterlife
of our thoughts
after we shut
the book
shut our eyes
and dream

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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  1. More literary riffs and verbal pyrotechnics from Ivan.

    Read his other good work by clicking the link and following the “Older Posts” tab beneath the “Like” box:

  2. Words dispatched in an explosive verbal war of a poet’s discrimination and recrimination piercing different realms of artistic sensibilities.

  3. what he said

  4. This is why you should read instead of watching utube videos all day!

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